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Is Gut Health Just Another Wellness Fad?

What’s up with gut health? You probably hear the phrase everywhere you turn nowadays. Is this new fad and yet another cash-cow in the world of health and wellness?

Read on to find out.

Katie Dienes, BSN, RN

I’m here to tell you that yes, gut health ABSOLUTELY MATTERS. It is not just some new fad set to fade off into the sunset by the end of the month.

In fact, gut health is so important that it can literally make or break our entire state of health.

How is this so?

Quite simply put: our gut is a gateway into our bodies.

You may or may not have realized this, but even though your gut is tucked away inside your body, it is technically outside of you. Without creating a total snooze fest, here’s a quick, simple rundown of the gut anatomy to help visualize this:

Your gut begins in your mouth, which is directly exposed to the outside world. Stemming from your mouth, your gut continues to snake its way down through the abdominal cavity in the form of a long hollow tube, then winds up coming out the other side (yes, I mean your butt). That outer gut lining never actually physically enters into the internal abdominal space.

Put another way: your abdominal cavity is sterile, your gut lining is not. That entire system, start to finish, is exposed to the external world. When you think about it in this way, it’s easier to see how our gut is quite literally what brings our outer world within. The gut lining serves as the barrier in which food and nutrients that start outside of us are eventually transported across the gateway into our inner world.

Still with me!?

Okay great, on we go.

When Our Gut Goes Ary

When our gut is working as it should, this process is what keeps us well and thriving. It not only delivers us nutrients from our outside world, but is also paramount in several bodily processes including brain, immune and hormone health. As amazing as it is, however, our gut is not invincible.

Let me explain by sticking with the gateway analogy here for a minute:

Let’s say you want to keep harmful critters our of your garden, so you put up a gate for protection. A healthy, functioning, sturdy gate will do just that. Critters stay out, gate opens and closes as it should to let only what you need in, garden stays healthy.

A beautiful system and thriving garden.

Now, picture a gate that’s starting to rust and develops a couple of holes in its structure. As one would imagine, these holes become a portal for small critters to start to make their way into your garden. Suddenly your carrots and tomatoes have had a couple of hungry visitors overnight.

Let’s say life gets in the way and you never seem to find the time to fix your gate.

Eventually, that rusty gate gets filled with more holes, and is now also hanging off its hinges. This gate is not only going to do a subpar job of evading critters, it may not be able to keep them out at all. The more broken down your gate becomes, the more and more critters start to invade your garden, and the larger and more destructive those critters become. No more carrots or tomatoes in this garden!

This is exactly how our gut functions: as either a strong, sturdy gate, a gate in the midst of breaking down, or a full blown rusted out, misaligned gate. Which one do you think keeps us safe, healthy and well?

I’ll give you 2 guesses!

When the gut starts to breakdown, which can occur through various different mechanisms, our inner world becomes inundated with the harmful substances that our gut is no longer able to keep at bay. The more our gut breaks down, the more we start to fuel disease instead of our own bodies. The trillions of microbes that take up residence in our gut play a huge part in this process.

I Hope We Answered This Question Here Today

Although it may just seem like some new trendy topic to propel the profits of the health and wellness industry forward, there is actually so much legitimacy and importance in maintaining a healthy gut. So to answer the ultimate question: YES gut health does matter.

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Let us know in the comments if this information surprised you!

And if you’re ready to learn more about what you can do to support your own gut health, head on over to my home page at to book a discovery call now.

Stay tuned until next time!



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